Lelu Love Devilis Fucking


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Lelu Love Devilis Fucking we are talking about getting if doggie style from behind. Her partner is holding her stead with both hands on her ass. This guy is skinny and lanky and hairless. well if you look close he has some hair on his legs.  The only reason you would notice is if you check out her black shinny boobs with what could be a twelve inch heal. It matches her red top and red cat ear or devil horns on her head. The video is devilish fucking spanking creampie so if you want to see the creampie click the link to watch it in full HD.


Lelu Love Masturbation Instruction Tease


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Lelu Love Masturbation Instruction Tease if you want to know how she masturbates. Maybe you can learn a thing of two and get some good ideas on ways to please yourself when you lack a partner. You will also learn how to please her as she gives instructions. But in this video she is playing a tease and you will be denied. She is laying face down on a bed resting on her elbows.  Her sexy lingerie helps reveal a really nice butt.  She smiles in a playful way bending her left knee which allows her to have her foot in the air.

Lelu Love Self Shot Masturbation


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Lelu Love Self Shot Masturbation in this solo scene she uses her hands to stimulate her pussy. Her hand rubs on her pussy as she looks up to the camera.  She is laying on her back on a brown covered bed.  She ohs and ahs as she pleases herself so much so her forehead is tensed up with wrinkles.  She is basically naked with no panties looks like a pink bra strap on her arm is the only clothes she has on.  Her legs are bend at her knees with must help her get access to her pussy with her hands.

Lelu Love Rubbing Vibrator


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Lelu Love Rubbing Vibrator all over her pussy but first she needs to turn it on. Do vibrators have to have a cord. They always seem to have cords in these videos. You would think most girls would prefer a battery operated vibrator.  She lays on a couch that has a deep blue sheet over it and she turns on her vibrator.  It’s rubbing on her leg here she has to strip down naked to get it on her pussy.  but rest assured that will come in the video. The closeups are in the video.


Lelu Love BJ Titjob


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Lelu Love BJ Titjob two great action video elements in one video. Lelu is good that way. She might not have the biggest boobs but they are real at least. And she keeps this guy hard when he rubs his cock between her breasts. If you want to see the blowjob part you can see the entire video BJ included in full HD by clicking the link.  It ends with a big cumshot all over her ass.  Talk about variety, it starts with a titjob and ends with cumshot on the ass.

Lelu Love Bday Present


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Lelu Love’s Bday Present to her lovely viewers is a sizzling surprise you don’t want to miss. Here we have Lelu Love posing in front of the camera with a white board beside her that reads “welcome to adulthood, happy 18th” this message is clearly intended to those people who are can now legally watch porn without undergoing those stupid security checks, Although quite frankly those things are useless anyways. Lelu Love poses in front of the camera with her shirt pulled up to reveal her big round boobs with its flesh colored nipples. She blows a kiss to the air hoping her fans will catch it probably with their sticky fingers.

Lelu Love Behing The Scenes


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Lelu Love behind the scenes should probably have its own spotlight as Lelu Love reaches out to her fans with her bodacious body and her ever handy white board. Here she addresses a dude named Ronny telling him that she is very much real and as hot as the camera makes her look. She sits on the darkened room floor with her weight supported on her right hand. Her huge boobs sagging gently on her chest while she holds the sign with her other hand blocking the view to her gorgeous pussy. Maybe to punish Ronny for not believing that she is real. Damn it Ronny!

Lelu Love Masturbation


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Lelu Love Masturbation is brought to us by good old John who had his birthday two years ago from today. Here Lelu Love holds a white board with a birthday message to a guy named John telling him that he can stick his dick inside Lelu Love’s lovely ass. Here the sexy Lelu has her ass sticking in front of the camera, her legs spread open to reveal her puckered anus and engorged pussy. She smiles teasingly while flaunting her plump backside like she really wants someone to come over and fuck her in the ass. Lelu’s scintillating tease takes place inside her bedroom filled with soft cushions.

Lelu Love Fetish


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Lelu Love’s Fetish is revealed through her message to Matt that is written in a black marker on her feet. Lelu lies on a white queen sized bed with her hands folded above her head. Her round boobs hanging perkily over her chest. She has both of her long legs raised up showing off her exposed pink pussy and shapely ass while she thrusts her feet toward the camera giving us a shot of her lovely feet which really looks like it deserves to be sucked and licked just like the rest of her body. Wherever Matt is I hope he enjoys this perverted display.

Lelu Love Sexy Lady Show


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Lelu Love Sexy Lady Show is a combination of two naughty images side by side to form a powerful combination. Here we have Lelu Love in the left side back in February 2011 wherein her body has a lot of generous curves and her boobs were the size of melons. And then we have Lelu Love in May 2012 with her body completely and smolderingly sexy. The weight loss difference is astonishing and highly erotic at the same time. While some people still prefer the voluptuous Lelu Love of 2011 I must admit that looking at her smoking body right now I can live with both.